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Gran Hotel Camaguey Hotel
Gran Hotel Camaguey Hotel
Camaguey, Camaguey
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With its natural conditions, hotel and entertainment infrastructures, the Santa Lucia resort is considered one of the major tourist poles of the country and the most interesting for continued investments.

The installations for leisure activities are of excellent quality and, on an international level, can be favorably compared to the best installations in the world. The beautiful beach architecture stands out. All conditions are reunited to enjoy the many different aquatic sports, dancing lessons, night clubs, excellent services and restaurants of fine cuisine and to make this stay a memorable one.

A true sub aquatic paradise awaits the snorkeling and diving fans in Santa Lucia. There are 35 points of snorkeling, 27 boats and sunken galleons, more than 500 tropical fish and the second largest coral barrier of the planet.

All these attributes make Santa Lucia the best option for the one looking for peacefulness, nature, rest and entertainment.

Other attractions:

SCUBA CUBA Shark's Friend, a unique place in the Caribbean where one can swim with sharks and even feed the sharks with your own hands without fear of being hurt.

Visit Cayo Sabinal by land or by sea, where virgin landscapes, the most beautiful fauna and flora of the Caribbean, the home of the main pink flamencos colony of Central-America and a wonderful feeling of peace are waiting for you.

An excursion in the Sierra de Nuevitas for the eco-tourism lovers, with an extraordinary flora that leaves the visitor astonished by so much beauty and a visit to the caves filled with aboriginal pictographs.

Visit the Hoyo de Brunet, a kind of botanical garden and the location actor Jean-Paul Belmondo chose for his most recent production.

Excursion in the Sierra de Nasaja that hoards a forest of petrified trees.


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